Chris Kenny’s three-dimensional drawings

Chris Kenny is a British artist known for his three-dimensional ‘drawings’ and collage-constructions made from fragments of maps, strips of found text. He produces an unexpected kind of poetry with his three-dimensional ‘drawings’ and constructions made from twigs, fragments of maps and strips of found text. Many of these works are presented very precisely in an ordered manner, with objects or phrases of the same type mounted on pins and organised in a way that suggests an intention to rationalise the differences between them. There is an association with museum collections of cased specimens and scientific methodology, but as Alain de Botton has commented: ‘Kenny is a master at delicately excising something – a phrase, a leaf, a road in a map – from its normal setting, and settling it into a diminutive white museum where, hovering an inch or so above the base, it becomes free to release a hidden narrative or symbolic message.’

Chris Kenny 3587023084_8834a28127_z map-art-chris-kenny
© Chris kenny

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