Paper ball Christmas ornaments

In the Netherlands we get into the Christmas mood a little later than in most other parts of the world where Christmas is celebrated. This is due to Sinterklaas – the figure Santa was modeled upon – who’s name day we celebrate on December 5th. So now that we’ve joined the preparational Christmas activities, I wanted to try out some DIY tree decorations. These paper ball ornaments are easy and quick to make (see instructions below) and I’m quite happy with the result.

Nathalie Graafland Paper and Print Christmas ornament

What you’ll need :
• Firm paper, coloured, pre-printed or you can be creative and draw/paint.
• A circle cutter (or just scissors, the irregular cuts may actually have a nice effect)
• Glue, preferable a glue gun
• A piece of ribbon of some sort

1. Cut the paper into circles using the diameter you wish (you’ll need about 8 circles per ball at least);
2. Fold these circles halfway, keeping in mind the folded inside is what will actually show;
3. Glue the outsides to one another until you have a stack of half circles;
4. Glue the folded ribbon to what will be the centre of the ball;
5. Then glue the final two half circles together.

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