Vally Nomidou’s intense figures

“Let it bleed“, is a series of life-size sculptures (young women and young girls), as well as a series of fragments, such as heads or hands. Paper is Vally Nomidou’s sole material, she does not only use it as a shell, she actually builds and shapes her works from the inside out. The internal cardboard frame is built with a vertical and horizontal grid in order to be able to support and render stillness in her sculptures. The perfect rendition of facial features, expression and body proportions, is based on a process of combining plaster casts and a precise processing of the outer skin. The perfect prints are synthesised, cut, sewn, glued and rubbed.

Vally Nomidou2

Vally Nomidou4

Vally Nomidou1

Vally Nomidou5

Vally Nomidou3
© Vally Nomidou

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