Matthew Picton’s city maps

UK-based artist Matthew Picton uses strips of paper to construct maps of cities from around the world. The Londoner’s sculptural creations use both historic and fictional texts to produce cartographic representations of multicultural cities like Las Vegas, Dresden, Tehran, and Venice. The materials used are reflective of each respective culture, from literary and religious texts to sheet music and DVD film covers.

More than simply lining out the aerial urban landscape of each site, Picton also creatively reflects the historical scene of certain locations that have dealt with disasters, especially those pertaining to fires. The Great Fire of London in 1666 is represented by the burnt pages of Daniel Defoe’s The Plague Years. Similarly, Picton has ignited several of his paper cities to reflect their own fire-related tragedies. Taking the interpretation a step further, the artist constructed his scorched Lower Manhattan piece out of headlines following the aftermath of the World Trade Center bombings.
Via My Modern Met.







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