Mia Pearlman’s cloudscapes

Mia Pearlman’s large paper cutting installations are inspired by weather patterns.

“I make a drawing in India ink on big rolls of paper and may have a basic size, shape or style of mark-making in mind, but the process is very free-form and intuitive. Then I start cutting out the white parts between the lines. Each cut determines the next cut. Then I spread out the pieces before I start to instal. I don’t make sketches or design the installations ahead of time, it all happens on site. In advance I will take photos of the space, which I hang in the studio, and get the dimensions of the walls and ceiling. By the time I do the install I usually have some idea of what I’ll do, but it always turns out different than I imagined. The process involves lots of time on ladders. And as always, I have my head in the clouds.”

Mia Pearlman

Mia Pearlman

Mia Pearlman

Mia Pearlman

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