Tara Donovan’s manufactured biomorphics

Tara Donovan (1969, New York) is known for her site-specific, large scale sculptures that often have a biomorphic quality. They are made of one manufactured everyday material, such as drinking straws, Scotch tape and (of course) paper.

Donovan says of her work, “It is not like I’m trying to simulate nature. It’s more of a mimicking of the way of nature, the way things actually grow.”

Tara Donovan
Moire, 1999 Adding Machine Paper

Tara Donovan
Untitled, 2000. Etching ink on twin rocker handmade paper

Tara Donovan
Transplanted, 2001 Ripped & Stacked Tarpaper

Tara Donovan
Untitled, 2003 Paper Plates, Glue

Tara Donovan
Untitled – Detail, 2003 Paper Plates, Glue


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