Tamiko Kawata’s discarded materials

Tamiko Kawata uses overlooked indigenous objects from our daily life for her medium, among which paper.

“Discarded materials are important to me not only for environmental issues but also to reflect my current life. My choice of materials and interpretation are influenced by the differences that I experience between life in America and Japan where I grew up. My works are personal; I work in large and small scales in belief of intimacy. They are my visual diaries.”

Tamiko Kawata Newsday Waterfall
Newsday Waterfall, newspaper

Tamiko Kawata Toilet paper roll floor
Floor, toilet paper roll

Tamiko Kawata  Secret devourer
Secret devourer, shredded paper

Tamiko Kawata Wavelet
Wavelet, toilet paper

Tamiko Kawata Arch:Toward Light
Arch:Toward Light, toilet paper rolls

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