Louk Weyers’ cheerful paper pulp art

After experimenting with many different materials, Dutch artist/sculpture Louk Weyers started working mainly with paper and paper pulp and has not looked back. Her efforts result in very colourful and cheerful sculptures. My personal favorite is “de koekjesfabriek” (the cookie factory), where she combines a typical Dutch cookie named speculaas (a gingertype cookie) with a typical Dutch Delfts blauw (Delftware) like style.

Louk also shares her expertise in a limited number of workshops that take place in spring and fall in her studio in the south of the Netherlands.

Louk Weyers
De koekjesfabriek (The cookie factory)

Time flies
Time flies

A-diploma (swimming award)

Louk Weyers

All images © Louk Weyers

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